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Whitehead Family Honours Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the generosity of a Tasmanian-born businessman to support research in a number of areas relevant to Biological Sciences and Agriculture.



Available to a student who is commencing an Honours project at the University of Tasmania in the College of Sciences and Engineering in Semester 1, 2020.

Research projects within the following topics will be considered:

A) Improved spear thistle control or eradication methods

Ideas for research may include:

- Spectral recognition software and sensor development for targeted boom spraying

- Spectral recognition software and sensor development coupled with engineering solutions for autonomous weed spraying

- Improved biological control

B) Re-wilding project – efficacy and practicality of bringing Forester kangaroos back to the highlands or the return of the Tasmanian Emu sub-species

C) Wombat mange management related research – to inform on-ground treatment application

D) Improved introduced grass control in native Highland Poa Grasslands (e.g. spray topping trials or encouraged wildlife grazing)

E) Robotic dairy data analysis for improved herd and land management

F) Innovative wildlife survey & research approaches

G) Dairy pasture improvement and management

H) Ptunarra butterfly survey and conservation planning to inform grazing and burning

I) Biomass monitoring and integration with sheep grazing assessment for research into better informing rotation grazing for production and conservation outcomes.

On-going Eligibility

To retain this award, recipients are required to achieve a minimum Pass result in all units studied each semester.




One year

Closing Date

31 October 2019


Applicants should apply online and forward a copy of the referee's report to two referees. All potential honours students should make contact with the Honours Coordinator in their discipline to discuss interests and options.

Referee's Report for Honours and Postgraduate applicants (DOC, 1115kb)
Provide an electronic copy of this report to each of your two referees (hons and postgrad applicants only).

Application status

Closed. Successful applicant/s advised.