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RFDS Commercial Travellers Association 4th year Medical Student Scholarship

The Commercial Travellers Association (CTA) Student Scholarship program was established in 2016 to provide scholarships for 4th year University of Tasmania medical students who are either from a rural and remote area and/or have expressed an interest in working in rural and remote areas. The funding is provided to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) by the former members of the CTA of Tasmania in recognition of the past work and service given to remote and rural areas of Tasmania and in particular the support they received from rural and remote GPs and the RFDS. The scholarships are provided to assist Tasmanian medical students with the costs associated with their 4th year elective placement where they have chosen to undertake their elective in a rural or remote area of Australia.



Available to a student entering 4th year Medicine in 2023 who is either from a rural or remote area and/or has expressed an interest in working in rural and remote areas. Selection will be determined on the basis of demonstrated academic merit; high level communication skills; an interest in and understanding of contemporary rural health issues; a demonstrated intention to undertake the 4th year clinical placement in rural health in a rural or remote area (RA3-5) (an essential criteria); and an ability and willingness to act as an ambassador promoting the RFDS and the University's School of Medicine. No previous RFDS experience is required. Preference is for a student from Tasmania. IMPORTANT - There is a requirement for all 4th year students to undertake an assessable four-week clinical placement or equivalent (i.e. it may include a combination of research and non-clinical work as long as two weeks are in a clinical setting). The elective period is mid-November to 30 January each year. The University of Tasmania requires an indicative idea of the student’s destination by 1 April and their final elective plans must be submitted before 1 October annually. The successful applicant will be required to present a report of their placement at the RFDS Scholarship Presentation to be held in the last week of January. To find out whether the address qualifies as a 'regional' or 'remote' area (RA 3-5) go to Health Workforce Locator below, click on "Start the locator now" and enter the address in the "Search location" section. Tick the "ASGS remoteness Areas" box and select the year 2016. Click on Search location, and your address classification will be shown.

On-going Eligibility

Recipients must remain enrolled full-time in the University of Tasmania's Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree.


$4,000 to be provided to each recipient to fund travel and expenses incurred as part of the clinical placement.


Four weeks between November 2023 and January 2024.

Closing Date

31 March 2023 (original 6 March 2023)


Apply online prior to closing date. Applications cannot be submitted after closing date. As applicants will be assessed on the quality of application, all questions should be answered in full. Please ensure care is taken with spelling and grammar.

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