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Ian McDougall Memorial Scholarship in Geology

Emeritus Professor Ian McDougall, FAA was a distinguished University of Tasmanian alumnus who graduated with Honours in 1956 having majored in Geology and Chemistry. While at the University of Tasmania, Ian’s research directions were stimulated and encouraged by both Prof Sam Warren Carey and J C Jaeger. He was awarded an ANU PhD scholarship and studied the mineralogy and petrology of the Tasmanian dolerites.

Working at ANU for his entire career, Ian focussed on radiometric dating of rocks using the natural decay of a potassium isotope to argon. He built and maintained facilities recognised internationally for their excellence and for their application to major research controversies. A second major contribution was Ian’s dating of hominid fossil material from central Africa. His appointments at ANU included Research Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow, then Professor in the early 1990s. Retiring in 2000 Ian was awarded an honorary DSc from the University of Glasgow in 2009. Ian’s long association with the University started with his grandfather, Prof Dugald McDougall who was Professor of Law from 1908 to 1932. It is hoped this scholarship will encourage students to develop a lifelong interest in Geology.



Available to a student commencing the Bachelor of Science and enrolled in units KEA101 (Understanding Earth Systems) and KEA102 (Earth Resources, Environments and Evolution) in 2023. Preference is for a student interested in completing a major in Geology. Selection will be based on academic merit and financial need.

On-going Eligibility

To retain this award beyond first year recipients are required to major in Earth Science / Geology. Recipients are required to achieve a minimum Pass result in all units studied each semester.


$5,000 per year


Up to three years – dependent on the student undertaking a major in Geology beyond first year.

Closing Date

25 November 2022


Please apply online via the scholarships portal prior to the closing date.

Application status

Closed. Applications are being assessed.