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Scholarships & Bursaries

Catalyst Program Scholarship

The University of Tasmania has established the Catalyst Program to provide high achieving students with a unique opportunity to combine their bachelor degree with scholarships, extracurricular experiences, special events and networking opportunities.



Available to high achieving full-time domestic students (Tasmanian, interstate and New Zealander) commencing undergraduate study in 2021. Applicants must be a Year12 leaver who received a tertiary entrance score of 90 or higher in either 2020 or 2019 and is commencing study for the first time in an eligible Catalyst course in 2021.

Eligible courses are:

Bachelor of Architecture & Built Environments (P3H)

Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Accelerated Business (B3A)

Bachelor of Design (P3I)

Bachelor of Economics (B3B)

Bachelor of Engineering (Specialisation) with Honours (P4D)

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (P3T)

Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science (P3L)

Bachelor of Medical Research (53E)

Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies (P3G)

Bachelor of Pharmacy with Applied Honours (54A)

Bachelor of Science (P3O)

The scholarship will commence in the first study period.

On-going Eligibility

To retain this award, recipients are required to achieve a minimum Pass result in all units studied each semester.




One year

Closing Date

Sunday 18 July 2021


Apply online prior to the closing date. Applications cannot be submitted after closing date.

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