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Humanities Honours Project Scholarship

2022 Project

The Uses and Abuses of Digital Spaces: A Gendered Perspective

Is there a meaningful difference between online and offline hate speech? Is trolling a gendered activity? Has hashtag activism (e.g. #MeToo; #SayHerName) successfully progressed women’s liberation? Do words and images (e.g. online comments and memes) harm internet users, or merely hurt or offend them? How should we understand specific digital communities’ roles in shaping the contemporary men, women, and/or persons beyond the binary? What should we make of online discourses that denigrate people of different genders? Is digital abuse on the basis of gender inevitable?

Two $3000 scholarships are available to students undertaking Honours in Humanities in 2022 ($1,500 ea per semester) to conduct independent research about gender-hostile speech supervised by Dr Louise Richardson-Self. Each student will consider one of the above questions, or a closely related question developed in consultation with Dr Richardson-Self, as the subject of their Honours Thesis.

The project will be primarily supervised by Dr Louise Richardson-Self aligned with her Australian Research Council-funded project investigating hate speech against women online. Depending on the student’s disciplinary background, a suitable secondary supervisor may also be involved in the project.



Available to students commencing Honours in an area of study in Humanities in Semester 1, 2022, in the College of Arts, Law and Education. Students must have achieved a Distinction-average or above in a relevant major at an Australian university. This study can be undertaken in face-to-face, mixed, or wholly online modes. Selection will be based on quality of written application, previous academic performance and a 500-word statement.

On-going Eligibility

To retain this award, recipients are required to achieve a minimum Pass result in all units studied each semester.




One year

Closing Date

31 January 2022


Applicants should apply online and forward a copy of the referee's report to two referees. All potential honours students should make contact with Dr Jayne Knight, School Honours Coordinator at, to discuss interests and options.

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Referee's Report for Honours and Postgraduate applicants (DOC, 1114kb)
Provide an electronic copy of this report to each of your two referees (hons and postgrad applicants only).

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