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Scholarships & Bursaries

Richard Ernest Glazebrook Environment Scholarship

Honouring the late Mr Glazebrook’s wishes, the University is to apply this bequest to provide a scholarship to students undertaking honours study on the environmental impacts of proposed developments in Tasmania.

Research projects should address environmental justice in decision-making related to planned developments such as respecting local community values, using Aboriginal cultural values as reference points and prioritising natural values when assessing impacts from proposed developments.

Successful project(s) should focus on sourcing science-based evidence of the environmental impacts of developments and how decisions are recorded, made and implemented as a result of consultation with Aboriginal representatives on issues related to their land.

Possible research topics include:

• the conservation of Tasmania’s important natural assets such as high-conservation forests including old-growth and rainforests

• threatened and endangered flora and fauna by helping to minimize the impact of humans on important ecosystems from native forest logging

• mining

• Atlantic salmon farming in sheltered waters such as bays

• wind farms proposed in inappropriate places

• any other activity that degrades Tasmania’s natural ecosystems (even including global warming which threatens unique Tasmanian flora and fauna such as Gondwanan forests (e.g. pencil pines) via drought and fires)

• impacts of tourism developments in World Heritage Areas, National Parks and areas important to Aboriginal people.


• the recognition and acceptance of injustices suffered by Tasmania’s Aboriginal people when Europeans colonized their land (potential focus areas include the health and well-being of Aboriginal people, changing the date for Australia Day or reducing Aboriginal deaths in custody)

• ‘compensation’ for Aboriginal people such as direct or indirect land handbacks (such as new National Parks supported by or important to the Aboriginal community).



Available to a student experiencing financial/educational disadvantage who is commencing an honours or masters research project in 2023.

Applications will be assessed on the capacity to deliver proposed project outcomes, how the project addresses environmental justice and financial need.

On-going Eligibility

To retain this award, recipients are required to achieve a minimum Pass result in all units studied each semester.




One year

Closing Date

31 January 2023


Applicants should apply online. All potential honours students should make contact with the Honours Coordinator in their discipline to discuss interests and options.

Application status

Closed. Not awarded.