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UniGO Financial Support Scholarship

The University Global Opportunity Program (UniGO) is a new 25 credit point elective unit where under graduate students can explore the connections between place, culture, technology and sustainability, travelling for approximately three weeks over the summer break.

Beginning with a pre-travel module in December 2023, students will undertake a three-week overseas trip in January 2024 and will experience and contribute to local sustainability projects. Students will then have several assignments to submit to complete the unit.

More details on the program here



Scholarship eligibility will be based on written confirmation from the UniGO team and students having lodged an expression of interest successfully.

On-going Eligibility

Enrolment and participation in UniGO. We understand that circumstances beyond the control of students may prevent their participation in UniGO, such as sickness and other significant personal circumstances. This will be taken into consideration when making arrangements for potential full or partial repayment of scholarship in the event of non participation in UniGO.


Between $500-$1,500


One off payment

Closing Date

11 June 2023 (2 rounds are offered in 2023, with the next to open in August)


Please apply online via the scholarships portal prior to the closing date.

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